Empowering colleagues to donate their birthday with the press of a button.

Reinvent how your company gives back, just like Opendoor, through supporting your colleagues and by inspiring them to share part of their story for the social good they're doing and care about in their communities or around the world

Reaction After Supporting  Erica's Birthday Mission

"Best charitable experience of my life" - Erica

Change the world in a few simple steps




Donate Opendoor's birthday to raise money and awareness for a cause that aligns with OD's mission

Empower Opendoor colleagues to share your organizations cause on its birthday through posting & tagging

Inspire your colleagues to donate their birthdays to your cause or something that inspires them

Hey, I'm Trevor!

Phoenix, Arizona

Employed here February 2017-May 2018, Birthday Advocate since January 2018

I worked at Opendoor. I realize hundreds of other very talented people do as well (before we know it, it’ll be in the thousands). To show you the kind of value I’ll continue to bring to Opendoor, even though I've left, I’ve decided to analyze a new global movement to give you my two cents on where Opendoor should focus (a sliver of its attention to) next to better connect with their employees and future customers. Now, I want to inspire people at Opendoor!

Please scroll through the report and email or get in touch with me when you’re done :)


Opendoor is (Almost) Taking Over Real Estate in the US

(At the time I left, June 1st, 2018, when I decided to do the Your Birthday Mission full time)

Going into contract with over 1,000 sellers each month by changing how people buy and sell their homes

Has 11 offices around our nation and expanding to more cities every month as we grow across the US

Supported Mercy Housing by giving gifts to children at Christmas

Is blooming an entire ecosystem of products and services like codeless unlock, 'trade-ins' and OD Mortgages through innovation and Hackathons

Connected with Phoenix’s local communities through special events like Halloween and raising money for furniture for a customer in need

Is an official partner with Lennar

What's Missing?

More Opportunities To Involve All Of Your Employees Through Charitable Giving Within Your Local Communities! 

Employee's at these companies say: 

"I feel like I can trust executives to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ when they make commitments. For example, Marc Benioff himself personally supports a variety of causes, as well as advocating for them publicly. Salesforce’s dedication to Volunteer Time Off and other philanthropic initiatives is unlike anything I’ve experienced or even heard about at other companies. It is an important part of our culture from top to bottom.”

“At the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we have 3:1 matching gifts for employee charitable donations including a new program to honor employee anniversary milestones at 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. years by giving $5,000+ for employees to donate. ”

“Patagonia places value on the environment and humanity above company profits—using the least harmful factories, using the least harmful methods to obtain raw materials for products, supporting eco-friendly people & organizations, supporting and planning fun and creative events for the community and being a platform for positive social change through communications, rallying on the website and in interviews with the press." 

Why This Matters


Millennial Melting Pot

50% of Millennials would be more willing to make a purchase from a company if their purchase supports a cause.

Trust and Transparency

Customers, employees, shareholders and the public love, accept and expect social giving from organizations. According to AZCentral locally in Arizona, and even Fortune at a more national scale, companies that give and support causes greater then just profits are more trusted with their employees, customers and the public.

Birthday Movement Inception

Charity Water has been raising awareness for clean water projects through individuals donating their birthday since 2006.

Facebook Adoption

Since May of 2017, Facebook has followed Charity Water’s lead and has now made it possible for anyone in the United States to ‘donate their birthday’ to any of the 750,000+ nonprofits in the United States they may be passionate about.

Smart Companies Leverage Social Media

Opcity and HomeCity Real Estate Austin joined the ALS Hot Pepper Challenge' to engage with and entertain customers, to enhance their culture and contribute to a charitable cause they care about. These actions make organizations more 'human' and relatable to the public and provide a fun working environment. 

Doing Things That Make Your People Happy 

Did you know that the average American spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime? Check out some other interesting stats about the workplace here. By doing things that make your people happy, there will be less people who quit to find a better workplace, a better culture and a better job. 

Inspiring Your People to Make Them Feel Special

"We are drawn to leaders and organizations that are good at communicating what they believe. Their ability to make us feel like we belong, to make us feel special, safe and not alone is part of what gives them the ability to inspire us." - Simon Sinek

Where To Start

With Opendoor as a business that already gives back and consistently talks about connecting with customers in new ways in their local communities, employee and company birthdays are the ideal starting point for Opendoor to give back, connect with and inspire both their employees and customers too

Agree On A Charity That Supports Opendoor's Mission

Agree On Dollar Amount That Opendoor Matches Per Employee For Each Birthday Donated 

Communicate Through Slack Or Email Internally

Share Opendoor's Mission And 'Why' In Tandem With Opendoor's Birthday Mission

Donate Opendoor's Birthday, And Opendoor's Offices Birthdays, To The Charity(s) You Agreed On

Post And Share Through Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms Externally

Opendoor Birthday Missions Are The Key To Better Connecting With Your Colleagues, Customers & Communities

It’s now extremely common for people to ‘donate their birthday’ to a cause they believe in. Soon, it will be normal for companies to do the same. Companies will soon have the option, and eventually the responsibility, to be the first to donate to their employees ‘Birthday Missions’ and social causes that their employees care about each year. The first company that truly embraces this movement will benefit for years to come when other companies and organizations follow suit. And guess what? Opendoor has that opportunity. 


Can Opendoor Start Donating Its Birthdays Today?

Market Challenges

Opendoor is a startup and Opendoor is currently not profitable. As a company Opendoor needs to be very careful how Opendoor spends its money. 

Opendoor doesn’t have the same amount of employees in all of its markets. Having the same charitable impact in some of Opendoor's smaller cities that focus on home operations compared to Opendoor's larger hubs that have more people employees could be a challenge. 

Market Opportunities

Opendoor has the opportunity to be the first recognizable organization to donate its birthday for a cause that aligns with Opendoors mission that also empowers its colleagues to donate their birthdays to that same mission if they’d like on their birthdays the same year. 

From getting hired in February of 2017 to my departure at the end of May in 2018, Opendoor had consistently said that Opendoor would get more involved with the local communities and that we'd donate to charities that support our mission. 

People Love Companies that have fantastic customer service, focus on a purpose greater then just profits, that are mission driven and that have social expectations for doing good, giving back and positively changing their local communities.

People Complain About Companies not being transparent, ethical, honest, fair, true to their mission or core values, for not starting and ending with a purpose, for not being charitable or giving back and for not giving their colleagues enough of a voice for what matters to them at work and in their lives.

There is real value in embracing this birthday movement Charity Water started and Facebook just implemented for individuals. Organizations also have a birthday it’s just called a start date, founding date, or incorporation date. Companies will soon follow suit. Being the first organization to embrace this movement will pay dividends for Opendoor in the future. 


Consistent Inspirational Opportunities

What if our employers inspired their employees like I inspired Marlowe? 

I believe that companies will have the responsibility to try and make their employees feel this way. I believe in the future, companies will have the responsibility to be the first to donate to their employees ‘Birthday Missions’ that their employees care about if they want to donate their birthday to a cause they believe in. The companies that do this will win in the long run. 

Even though Marlowe is extremely passionate about clean water, that's not going to be everyone's 'Birthday Mission'. See what others are saying about the idea of the YBM here

Finally, you wouldn't be reading Trevor4Opendoor if it was't for a lot of people, but especially Marlowe. We met at a startup company called Zenreach and even though we weren't working together during our birthdays in January of 2018 - I was at Opendoor - she mentioned that Zenreach's philanthropy committee was thinking about joining the cause. That's when this all clicked for me.

If you'd like to learn more about Marlowe's story, you can read it here

Key Birthday Events


August 18th

Dallas-Fort Worth

December 1st

Las Vegas

September 9th


June 6th


October 24th


October 30th

San Antonio

March 26th


March 13th


May 8th


May 22nd

Minneapolis-St. Paul

June 26th

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Why Did I Jump Off Opendoor's 'Rocket Ship?'


I fell in love with Opendoor the day I started working for the company. Not only did I meet my girlfriend Gaby the day I started working at Opendoor, but the culture I lived, the people I met and Opendoor’s vision of changing the world is something only a few people get to experience in their lives. I found myself completely enamored with Opendoor and why Opendoor was doing what Opendoor was doing.


I worked at Opendoor for 16 months trying to provide as much value possible for the company that I genuinely loved. I soon realized, that I was up against hundreds of very other talented people who also worked at Opendoor and loved the company as much as I did. I came to the conclusion that internally as an employee my idea to celebrate 'Birthday Missions' and for Opendoor to be the first company to embrace this new movement wouldn’t get noticed. I had an important decision to make. 


So I jumped off Opendoor's 'rocket ship' to build these websites and to continue building upon my idea for how individuals and organizations can celebrate their birthdays in a special and unique way in the future. I’m determined to find a way to inspire people to want to contribute to our future.


To understand more of my story and to see how my girlfriend Gaby inspired me, you can read more here.

Quitting OD.jpg
Quitting OD 2.jpg

Why I'll Always Love Opendoor

I believe in Opendoor’s mission of providing everyone with the freedom to move. Opendoor's mission says, 'it will be for everyone - not today, but serving everyone is our aspiration.' Here’s a way to serve more people faster and to also share Opendoor's story with future customers who also believe in Opendoor's ‘why’.

Internally, Opendoor fosters a culture of creativity and innovation through Opendoor leaders expressing that everyone 

should share ideas to make Opendoor better. Opendoor leaders constantly remind everyone to hold them accountable and the truth is that a lot of organizations don't say that. 

I love how effective storytelling and sharing your ‘why’ builds bridges to future customers and people that believe in your greater purpose.

Working on multiple projects at Opendoor provided me the opportunity to be a part of a growing team that is changing the world and gave me the confidence to go off on my own to try and inspire people and organizations to share their birthday missions each year through their story of how they want to positively change the world.

Why I Belonged At Opendoor 

I have...

Acted From Ownership

Before Opendoor I ran two small businesses; an exterior painting business and a party bus business. Having painted over 250 homes and transported close to 10,000 people to various events, acting from ownership is something I’ve learned to do daily. You can read more about these businesses here.

Built Openness

I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve, been more vulnerable then most, asked lots of questions, challenged traditional ways of thinking through conversations and discussions and always tried listening to other people’s perspectives and points of view. Working at Opendoor helped me learn how to process feedback in a much more professional way and also taught me how to better effectively communicate ideas with people as well.

Started and Ended With People

I’ve also always been philanthropic by nature and have raised money for a best friend to get a new laptop, donated proceeds from multiple party buses to my brother’s best friends scholarship foundation, raised money for kids with cleft lips through Care4Tina when I was in The Netherlands, and recently donated my birthday to Charity Water through sharing a video of myself drinking water which resulted in more people sharing videos of themselves drinking water each month since.

Been Bold

Climbing a 40-foot ladder on uneven ground or driving a bus with a bunch of rowdy party goers might be bold. But the boldest thing I’ve ever done is move to a new state without a job or a plan - twice. In 2015 I moved to San Francisco without a long-term place to stay or an interview set up with any notable companies. There I met Duncan and Zain as my hosts through Airbnb. I ended up living there for 3 months in their hostel before moving back to Wisconsin to work on a new version of the Party Bus business with Duncan. After a year of working together, Duncan decided to leave for a great opportunity so I decided to move across the country again, but this time to Phoenix Arizona. Ironically I reconnected with Zain when he was in Phoenix traveling for Opendoor and a few months after Duncan and I went our own ways I officially started working with Zain at Opendoor. 

Empowered Others

Inspiring friends, family and people to think differently and to find and share their story and passion in life is something I strive to do daily. Since my birthday in January of 2018 I’ve empowered over 150 people to donate and share their own Birthday Mission's online, following my original video that created the beginning of the Your Birthday Mission. In the years to come, I’ll empower anyone who wants to share their story and mission of the 'social good' they envision in the world on their birthday through this idea of the Your Birthday Mission.

Where I'll Belong

For 16 months I committed myself to building Opendoor to it’s best version it could be through my contributions

  • Across 4 different positions

  • Being a Home Advisor in all of Opendoor's first 6 cities

  • Buying over 800 houses in those 6 cities

  • Being a part of Opendoor's founding team of 'pioneers' 

  • Piloting different partnerships for Opendoor

  • Being a founding member of the Home Advisor Homebuilder Team

  • Moving to Atlanta to integrate processes and systems on the East Coast

  • Beta testing new processes that have been implemented across the company since my departure

What's Your Birthday Mission?

In the future, I’ll belong as someone that will provide value to countless organizations and individuals celebrating their birthday for a bigger purpose; a charity that they believe in and a cause that supports their personal mission. 

I’m committed to inspiring you to want to support your team of hard working colleagues and employees 'Birthday Missions' in the future. The world needs more doers, the world needs more leaders, and the world needs more people who care. Now Opendoor can 'do', lead and care on its birthday and across all of Opendoor's employees birthdays by sharing Your Birthday Mission with the world.

Inspired yet? 

About The Data

© 2018 by Trevor Marks. Opendoor and Birthday Advocate